Keep 100% ownership of your masters.
Advances from $1,000 to $2,000,000.

Get an advance up to 8x your annual streaming income

Keep 100% ownership of your masters, publishing, touring, merch and synch.

Choose your own distribution and marketing partners

Customize your contract term length, content, and monthly income levels.


Enter your name. We'll look up your data.


Enter your name

We'll gather your data from around the world. It takes only a few minutes.


Customize terms to fit your needs

Choose the number of years, the music you want to include, and if you want to receive income during the term. It’s all up to you.


Customize terms to fit your needs


Share your reports


Share your reports

We check them and send your contract. Easy electronic signature.


Get Funded

We can connect with your distributor and transfer funds in as little as 24 hours.


Get Funded

Hundreds of artists have stayed independent with beatBread

How is beatBread different?

You are in control.

You choose how to spend every dollar that we advance - You choose your production, marketing and other partners.

We only share in streaming and SoundExchange.

Not physical sales or merch, not synch or publishing, not touring either.

Our royalities are higher.

Labels will take about 80%, leaving you 20%. With us, you get the lion's share of the revenue.

The amount you owe will never go up.

Labels may add marketing, video and other costs to your unrecouped balance.

You retain ownership.

After you are recouped and the term is up, you keep 100% of the income. Our deals aren't forever.

Frequently asked questions

There are no “hard lines” that determine exactly which artists can and cannot get funding because there are so many factors that go into our algorithm, but Artists who have released music on major DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, QQ) and typically have as little as 10,000 and as many as 10,000,000 monthly listeners are most likely to qualify for funding.  Artists who have been within those ranges for more than a few months, and who have more passionate and engaged fans (inside and outside the streaming services) are more likely to qualify as well

Most artists will repay their bB advance right when the term ends, or a few months before. That’s how our data science team models the deals we offer. But if your music doesn’t generate enough income to repay your advance during the term, we’ll collect until you are repaid, and no longer. We won’t add any balance to your advance if you are late, and we won’t charge any interest or penalties.

We love indie labels and artist service companies. They provide great services that we don’t. If your prospective indie label partner is willing, we can provide funding to you and cut them in on the deal. If they help take your career to the next level, it’s great for the investors that we bring to the table. We are more than happy to work out an advance that helps both you and your partners succeed.

Great question. We don’t want to hold you back. Our standardized contract includes a “buyout” clause that will let you buy out of the rest of the term with those big label bucks. Your buyout price is based on a formula that’s set ahead of time so there’s no doubt or need to play negotiation games. It’s based on how much you’ve repaid, how much revenue you’ve generated in the term, and how much time you have left on your term

No. We are happy to advance funds against your existing catalog, but many artists will find that the funding amounts we can provide are significantly larger if they plan to release new music in the next 6 to 12 months.

Usually, yes. We will never tell you that you have to work with one and only one distributor. In some cases, we may ask you to move your catalog if your distributor isn’t able to meet our criteria, but we work with most of the leading distributors and DIY platforms. And, if we do have to move your catalog, our staff is skilled, deeply experienced and knowledgeable on the ins and outs of digital distribution, metadata and playlisting.

A large share of your advance will be paid within a week of signing your contract. The remainder will be paid when you release new music, if its covered in the deal. Any “flow through” income you are due before your advance is repaid will be paid within 7 business days after we receive it from your distributor.

Two things determine the size of your advance. First, your data. Your streaming data and a whole lot more data beyond that is used to make an estimate of your future earnings. Second, your advance is driven by the terms you choose. You are in control. You choose if your deal will include some or all of your catalog, and how many unreleased tracks it will include (or if it will include no new tracks at all). You choose how many years you want to share income with our investors. Finally, you choose how much of your streaming income you need to keep during the term, even before your advance is repaid. All those tradeoffs impact the size of your advance, and all of them are up to you.

No, and No. Our advances are structured as a purchase of a limited portion of your revenues for a limited time. They aren’t loans and they won’t impact your credit.

In many situations, yes. We’ll just need to know what percentage of master income you get from each track and be properly set up with the distribution company handling that track.

beatBread is a platform that provides funding. That’s it. We simplify the “money part” of being a professional musician and help artists keep control of their art and their careers. Who you work with for marketing is up to you. We believe in artists, independence, and, most of all, we believe in independent artists.

beatBread is a lucky combination of music business professionals, data scientists, software developers and financial executives. We not only love music, we want the people who create music to have more control, more ownership and more flexibility to make more great music, on their own terms.

No, we don’t think so. We took literally BILLIONS of data points on hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of songs to build some really smart algorithms that predict an artist’s future earnings because we think we can make smart bets on artists, we can also offer better terms (higher royalties, faster timeframe to get back to 100% control of revenues) than a traditional label deal.

We are music fans and are always on the lookout for recommendations for our personal playlists, but please don’t bother preparing files for us to listen to. We rely on data to tell us what we can fund and how much we can offer you. We save money that would otherwise go to a huge staff of scouts and music industry insiders and plough those savings into the money we give to artists. If you have awesome music and fewer than 10,000 monthly listeners, we’re probably not right for you, even if we think your music is the most amazing thing we’ve ever heard.

No, if you have been successful on your own, we believe you can continue to do that.

It depends. We may be able to figure out a way to work with your label or distributor. Let’s talk.​

We work with any and all genres. Classical, Trap, Waka, Jazz, Christian Pop, Prog Rock, Canadian Country, K-Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Assyrian Folk, Latin Rap, Sufi, Deep Trance, Ranchera, Bhajan, Norwegian Death Metal… you name it….we are open to making an advance if the data is right.​

Absolutely – just contact us for a new offer on additional releases… You can take your funding in smaller chunks to keep your options open if you like.

We get asked that a lot. “beat” is like beats in music. “bread” is like “dough”, money, moolah, bucks, ducats, shekels, benjamins. Money for music…beatBread. See how we did that?

There is a fee of $228 + 2.8% of the total advance to source and administer each advance. This is not an upfront fee you need to pay in order to receive your advance, its repaid out of your future revenues.  Also, there is no interest and the amount you owe in your deal will never go up. The fee is simply added on top of your total advance to be recouped throughout your deal.  

Short answer: No. You can adjust and choose:

  • Length of term
  • Scope of works included (a certain number of new releases plus catalog or catalog only)
  • Amount of income you keep even before your advance is repaid

And while we give you flexibility to choose the value of those terms, we don’t negotiate beyond that. The advance amounts presented to you are calculated by a complex data-driven system our team has created to put you in the best position to recoup on schedule with the length of term you select. 

While we can’t share every last detail of what our investors and algorithm look for, things that will reduce your chance of getting an investment include:

  1. If you are not getting 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify on a consistent basis
  2. If your income from your distributor(s) is less than $80-$100/month
  3. If you have a higher than normal mix of free listeners