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    Our Artists

    "I love beatBread because they supply me with the funding I need while giving me full control of my music!"

    - Emily Vaughn
    279,000 monthly listeners

    "Funding from beatBread is a great way for me to bet on myself."

    - KEY!
    195,000 monthly listeners

    "Man beatBread is amazing. I can receive a label advance and still be independent, move how I want and live how I want. If that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is…"

    - 10k.Caash
    355,000 monthly listeners

    "beatBread represents everything that an artist should want. Independence, freedom & partners who understand the ever-evolving industry. They're changing the game!"

    - Da’ T.R.U.T.H
    70,000 monthly listeners

    "This is one cool company. Great staff, great premise, and now I have some money in my pocket to put towards my indie career."

    - Brendan James
    123,000 monthly listeners

    "I never thought it was possible to have the funding for music production without signing my music away to a label. That’s until I found beatBread!"

    - Tres Sharp
    50,000 monthly listeners

    "I love being able to stay independent and fund my own album rollout so I can maintain maximum leverage without selling out my vision"

    - Ajani Jones
    28,500 monthly listeners

    “beatBread is an indie artist’s dream come true."

    - Fr33 Tha Sinner
    27,500 monthly listeners

    "beatBread is such an amazing company, Not only are they supplying me with funding so I can grow my music, they’re also allowing me to stay independent which I greatly appreciate"

    - Jose Leyva
    35,800 monthly listeners

    “beatBread is 100% the place to go if you're looking for an advance to help further push your music”

    - Jeremy Lost
    18,700 monthly listeners

    "With Beatbread's support, I am putting more energy on my music promotion and creation of new content to share to the world."

    - Kaptain
    30,000 monthly listeners

    "beatBread is the new path for the ultimate DIY artist! It has given me an opportunity to make compelling content for my career the way I want to make it!"

    - RYNO
    10,000 monthly listeners

    "It’s amazing to get funding upfront that will enable me to invest and further my music career!"

    - Yung Dnny
    15,000 monthly followers

    "beatBread has changed my entire music career for the better. Not only will I remain independent but the best part is I decide the terms of my contract!"

    - Jamal Wade
    157,000 monthly followers

    "Amazing experience, glad to finally be able to get some help with my new album without losing all my rights"

    - Import
    23,000 monthly followers

    "I can’t believe how easy it is to fund my career. I feel like this is the ultimate opportunity to show my worth"

    - nappy 01'
    104,000 monthly followers

    "This was a blessing that came at the perfect time. Without beatBread, I don't know if we would have made our dreams a reality"

    - Old Chingu
    28,000 monthly followers

    "Being able to receive an advance without giving up permanent control of my masters or artistic vision is huge for me, and helping me get to the next stage in my career"

    - Josh Tobias
    83,000 monthly followers

    "Being in control of my music is important to me, so partnering with beatBread really catapulted my career into new lengths"

    - Dane Amar
    401,000 monthly followers

    "beatBread allowed me to get funding without selling out my rights"

    - Felipe Luciano
    24,000 monthly followers

    "beatBread allowed me to stay fully independent while still getting the funds needed to grow my career"

    23,000 monthly followers

    "beatBread is the best funding service I have found. #1"

    - Leeky Bandz
    40,000 monthly followers