About Us

Our Mission

beatBread’s mission is to empower artists so that they can own their art and control their careers. We give more artists access to funding and more choice to select the promotion, marketing, and production partners that best fit their unique needs.

Our Team

beatBread is a lucky combination of music business executives with decades of experience, start up folks who love music, data scientists who live to dig into billions of data points and software developers who were born to build cool stuff. 

We are all unified by a mission to help more musicians stay independent and keep control of their work and their careers. 

Why beatBread? Why now?

The music industry is in the middle of its biggest revolution since the invention of the phonograph. Streaming has democratized artists’ access to fans. Globally, there are more than 30,000 artists who generate >$50,000 per year in recorded music income.  10 years ago, that number was less than 5,000 artists.  10 years from now, there will be nearly 100,000 musicians who each generate that much recorded music income annually. Artists of all sizes, from the developing artist to the biggest superstars in the world, want to own their music and have more flexibility and control than they can get in a traditional label deal.

Most artists don’t need a traditional label contract anymore. Major labels don’t have a monopoly on distribution anymore, and there are plenty of world class digital marketing, radio and playlist promotion professionals that work outside of labels. According to leading music industry analysts at MiDIA research, about 50% of all artists who already have a label deal don’t see it as essential to their career, and, over 70% of artists who don’t have a label contract don’t think it’s important to “get signed.” 

Despite all this, musicians still need funding at key moments… to market and promote that new EP, to go out on the road, or just get in the studio with that great producer who can take a career to the next level. 

That’s why we created beatBread, and that’s what we work for every day….to enable more artists…to get more access to funding… and retain more control of their careers…. all so the world gets more great music.  

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